Bali Zoo: Scared of crocodiles? No, Sir!


Today October 31st, I decided to take our daughters to the first and only Zoo in Bali. Situated at the North border of Denpasar it is a 20min drive from Ubud…for those who know. For me…after 2 wrong turns…50 minutes.  The Bali Zoo is very expensive and quite unaffordable for locals. The advantage, it is quite empty and you can enjoy the zoo as if it were your own. The zoo itself is the best I have seen so far at this latitude (Very few cages, mostly natural barriers). The aviary is impressive and loads of Indonesian species overall. It is all very well organised and clean. You do not go for errands, but follow a lovely path that brings you to all main attractions. The biggest one for us was to have a patting session with crocodiles. When I was told at the entrance that our kids could caress baby crocodiles I thought they would be something like 30cm long. But no sir, the fellow sitting on the lap of my daughters was well over 1m50cm and had a full set of sharp teeth, which did not impress them at all, actually. Both sat quietly and started patting the young fellow as if it was a little doggy. As a disclaimer, the zoo staff said it was absolutely safe…


The second highlight was a tour on ponies. First time both daughters sat alone on a pony. Again, no fear, just laughs!  After this, I cannot wait to go to the Elephant Safari in the North of the Island.