Moving Places, Managing Stress…or Not


This was our favorite room, a 40 sqm or 150 cubic meter “lounge” with large windows. It was a place for working, relaxing, exercising, watching TV, listening to music and playing with kids. A choc for all of us to see boxes everywhere, in every room of our apartment. There is no stress free removal, whether you pack yourself or have it done by a removal company. Most stress comes from letting go, leaving behind memories attached to the house… and all farewell parties…They are critical rituals to let go, but I feel that I can never satisfy everyone, that there are always more goodbye to be told. Many expectations are left unfulfilled. Come with that, many late nights, drinks, etc.. All is well but it does not really help in terms of increasing stress resistance.

We are all very tired and, right now, we cannot enjoy the prospect of a relaxed sabbatical around the world. We are just looking forward to handing over the keys to the new owners, have a long night sleep before taking our one way boarding card on Monday from Vienna to Geneva.

DSC_0280DSC_0287No More Lounge

From the logistics side, 65 cubic meters were packed and loaded into a truck and trailer, that is already under way direction Jura in France. We will be there next Wednesday ready to off-load. Once this is done, a whole lot of stress will be behind us and I hope that we will start to enjoy the time that is given to us.

We now spend the last 4 nights at a friend’s place in Central Vienna, which smoothens the whole process and makes our departure seem a bit more natural. So long, Vienna

On Swimming Pool Beauty in Vienna

Vienna is better known for Sissi, Sacher Cakes and its New Year Concert than for its swimming pools. This post is an attempt to correct this. Vienna should be known for having a density of very beautiful indoor and outdoor pools situated in the best and most scenic areas of the city.

I discovered those pools one by one with the family and anybody who likes to swim MUST go to one of those pools:

My favorite indoor pools are the ones that were built in the early to mid 20th century.

Amelienbad (10th district, Reumannplatz 23) and Joergerbad (17th district, Joergerstrasse 42-44)amalienbad


One of my favorite outdoor pools is Krapfenwaldlbad (19th district, Krapfwaldlgasse 65-73). This pool first opened in 1923 and was restored in 1957 after being damaged during the 2nd WW. The wooden architecture of the changing rooms are unique. But the best about this swimming pool is its view over Vienna. It is simply stunning!


Another outdoor pool I like a lot is the Schoennbrunnerbad. It is situated in the middle of the parc of the Schoenbrunn Castle. Think about it, it is like building a pool in the backyard of Buckingham Palace!