Bali Putra, Our Home in Bali


The minuses are that we do not have a wireless connection and that we need to cross the road to jump into a swimming pool as we have none in our garden. Otherwise, there are truly only pluses. This little 100 square meter 2 storey house has a lovely little garden with its own temple (Maintenance and offerings are done every morning).offerings in our garden temple We have a decent kitchen with gas cooker and a little grill to make morning “Heidi” toasts. The highlight of the house is its large 3 by 5 meter veranda. It is a great shaded area. We can fell a fresh breeze from there nearly every day and it’s truly luxury when average day temperature is over 30. It provides kids with a large enough play area and all meals are served here as well. The view from the terrace is the second highlight; a few meters away, fresh rice paddies and a little further stands the “Arma” Drama and Art centre with a beautiful stage. From 19:00 to 21:00, 3-4 times a week we can hear traditional Balinese sound and see traditional dances and ancestral rituals.

The house is part of a small complex called Bali Putra, situated just of the centre of Ubud in the rice paddies. All houses are staffed. Cleaning, dishwashing, gardening, etc.. is taken care of every morning. Breakfast is even brought up on the veranda every morning at eight. It is very clean without being luxurious. All this for about CHF 750.- a month. We couldn’t ask for me for this price. We like it here very much, because of the space, the view, the friendly staff and the air-con. After 2 weeks beefing up the place with better kitchenware, we really feel at home.Friseur Ubud 004002

My ratings for this house

  • Value *****
  • Rooms ***
  • Location ***

Address: Jalan Raya Pengosekan, Ubud

Biking Amidst Rice Paddies Around Ubud, Bali


After looking for the best possible Moutain Bike to rent in Bali, I found a flashy green Yokota (probably not more than 100 USD). 2 days after, I upload a bike course around Ubud from “Garmin Connect” on my GPS watch, put my gear on and hit the dirt roads. What started as a boring course became the best MTB trail I have ever done (note that I have done 3 in my life….). The road profile gets challenging, the view more and more scenic. After 1 hour I am in the middle of rice paddies, with not a soul around. This is Bali in all its splendor. I happily keep pedaling following the course on my watch. I am a bit overenthusiastic and do not feel surprise, when the track gets really step and actually impossible to pass with a bike. I am thinking, well, the course must contain some bike-carrying…nothing to worry about. But after 20 min. I find myself in a idyllic dead end, deep down the Sayan River bed. It has only one way up: the same way I came down earlier. A liter of sweat later, I find the bike course again and finish after 2H30 a trail that I will keep in my memory for a very long time.


Minami – Japanese Restaurant – Ubud, Bali


My subconscious registered this name while browsing on When we saw the restaurant, I suggested to get in and the first highlight IS to get inside. A wonderfully airy, peaceful, cream-white atmosphere immediately surrounds you. The designer of the restaurant, the mother of the owner, choose consciously not to optimise the place with as many seating as possible, but made the restaurant in such a way that everybody had got privacy and space to fully concentrate on the food. The food itself is probably the best Japanese food I ever had. There is a Menu Degustation for 180’000 IDR (or 20.- CHF) that I totally recommend. The presentation of the food is excellent with creative Japanese Porcelain. The service is impeccable. We ended up paying CHF 95.- for 2 adults and 2 children. By far the most expensive restaurant we ate in Bali. But it was all worth it.

  • Address: JL Raya Sanggingan, Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia
  • Phone: +62-361-970013

FATWorld – 4th Destination – Bali, Indonesia


We extended our stay in Hong Kong by 1 week, because we liked the place but also because we felt too unprepared for Bali. We thought it would be easy to land and find a good, reasonably priced accommodation with pool in Ubud, Bali. Well, after multiple calls and mails with contact persons in Ubud we had to come to the conclusion that all that all interesting places for families in Ubud published on the internet were booked!!!

But the additional week in Hong Kong allowed us to make better contacts with expats in Ubud and one of them personally went to check and book for us in a small hotel. Melati Cottages has 22 rooms, a pool and a fantastic staff! We arrived at the main airport in Denpasar and a driver was waiting for us. After a few minutes drive, he proposed to go have dinner at the beach as the restaurant of the hotel would be closed at this time.We arrive late at night and check in the ground floor of this lovely house with garden view

Melati Cottages, Ubud

After 24 hours staying in the hotels, we have members of the staff helping us finding a house, helping us hiring a car, helping us finding good places to eat, etc…

The last time I was in Bali was in 2001 and the most vivid souvenirs were the temples everywhere and that true Balinese were the sweetest people I had ever met. I was afraid that the expansion of the (mostly american, english and chinese) tourism would change the people and the place. Well, so far, it seems it has not and I am deeply relieved and glad to be back here, in one of the last paradise on earth with my family.