Ronny Jordan – After 8 – My rating 7/10

ronny-jordan-after-8I received the CD per post from Amazon a few days ago. I could not remember having ordered it. When I looked at the order date,  I saw 8Th of March 2008. This recording was unavailable at Amazon for a year but I obviously never cancelled my order. And here I am, with another wonderful recording of one of my favorite Acid Jazz componist. Some my say Ronny Jordan sounds more like elevator music than Acid Jazz. For me, he is one of the greatest and most talented modern Jazz guitarist of the last 20 years. I like almost everything he does from beautiful Balades like “Vanston Place” or “Off The Record” to Jazz-Raps like “Ronny You Talk Too Much” or “Mackin'”. His remake in 1992 of Miles Davis’ “So What” is a great moment of music and I still have vivid memories connected to this song (A new year party in Vercorin). The classic sound of the accoustic guitar of Ronny Jordan is unmistakable and there is no exception to this in After 8. Next to 3-4 loungy tunes, Ronny Jordan pulls out a great remix of Usher’s “Caught Up”. Overall I am rating this CD 7/10. You can find his discography, by following the Ronny Jordan link.

Steppin’ Out