La désalpe des moutons de la Gemmi

There is no English word for “désalpe”. It happens traditionally and for the better health of all sheep every year around September. The shepherds gather their sheeps at a point in the alps and go down to the valley together to bring the herd in safe places before the first snow comes. The “désalpe” of the Gemmi is rather spectacular as sheeps and shepherds go literally down a cliff from the Gemmi Pass down to Leukerbad. Isa and I wanted our city-born-daughters to take this chance and have a closer look at sheeps. We wanted them to know that goat cheese do not originate at Wall-Mart and milk does not come out of a Tetra Pack.

So we decided to walk up to the “allmend” from Leukerbad, a meeting place for welcoming the shepherds and their livestock. Traditional music was awaiting us, including a good bar stocked mainly with white wine, raclette cheese and bratwurst. It was a day to remember for the kids… and Isa decided it was a day to remember for us all, hence cut this cute little movie!