FATWorld (Family Around The World), First Destination: Jura, France

leukerbad le memont 034We had planned to spend the whole summer in this farm, but due to my bicycle accident, we only arrive on August the 24th. We take possession of our rented flat in this “Pipilangstrumpf-Heidi-House”. It is very basic and not for anyone that could not live with all usual urban-flat amenities. It has electricity but no hot water, no bathroom, no central heating system, no TV, no internet connexion, no dishwasher, no washing machine, no luxury.

We love it at first, but also quickly feel the necessity for home improvement…which is our main common hobby! Anyway, back to the simple life (without  Paris). We try the first two days to personalize the place and we now feel a bit more at home. We love in the meantime to make wood fires for everything (heating water, washing clothes and ourselves, cooking, grilling. The kids, impressed by the fire in the first day are now helping and throw more wood in it.

leukerbad le memont 052leukerbad le memont 056But it is now 21:30, time to go to bed.