Gerhard Richter – from Private Collections – Albertina / Vienna

Albertina Posters

I mentioned in a previous post that Gerhard Richter is my all time favorite artist. Art critics can define him and his work a lot better than I can. I just say that Richter is one of the only artists that should be officially classified as unclassifiable. It blows my mind that someone with such incredible painting skills able to create hyper-realistic skies, landscapes & portraits does at the same time raw, colorful abstract acquarels and other geometric paintings or installations. I personally like most his portraits regardless of the style, the hyper realistic paintings & the paint-brushed photographs. From all periods I like most the sixties. Although quite distanced from Pop-Art, he often used like Andy Warhol iconic objects of this period, leaving from me a “truthful” view of this period without giving his personal interpretation.

Exhibition poster in front of the Vienna Opera HouseYou can imagine how excited I got, when I saw beginning 2009 posters across Vienna that Gerhard Richter’s works from mostly private collectors were on display at the Albertina. When I read “from Private Collections” I always have mixed feelings. On one hand, I am looking forward to seeing works that are so rarely displayed to the public, on the other hand, I know that the most famous pieces won’t be there. Anyway, I went to the exhibition and was not disappointed. Next to many abstract aquarels (which usually do not get my full attention but this time it did) there were a dozen of hyper-realistic paintings and a few works from the sixties which I so much enjoyed. What a privilege to have a look at them. Here are a few pictures of what I liked best today.