Daytrip to the Garden Exhibition in Tulln


I always wanted to go the the Chelsea Garden Exhibition. But knowing that tickets are more or less impossible to get, I was happy to hear Isabel proposing to go to the permanent garden exhibition of Tulln (40km North West from Vienna). Now that we have sold our flat with our garden and do not plan to have one in the coming year, one might ask why going there. Well, both of us like gardening and growing things. The other good reason: it is a paradise for small kids with great playgrounds, children animation, etc…

Overall, we liked the exhibition although the concept was not too clear. Some gardens are built like art-installations, other are showcases from private gardening companies that would like to attract customers, other gardens are from NGOs…etc.. Some of the gardens are very poorly maintained and would need watering.  Thankfully, other gardens were very sweet and inspirational. Here a picture gallery of some of the gardens and plants we liked best: