Minami – Japanese Restaurant – Ubud, Bali


My subconscious registered this name while browsing on tripadvisor.com. When we saw the restaurant, I suggested to get in and the first highlight IS to get inside. A wonderfully airy, peaceful, cream-white atmosphere immediately surrounds you. The designer of the restaurant, the mother of the owner, choose consciously not to optimise the place with as many seating as possible, but made the restaurant in such a way that everybody had got privacy and space to fully concentrate on the food. The food itself is probably the best Japanese food I ever had. There is a Menu Degustation for 180’000 IDR (or 20.- CHF) that I totally recommend. The presentation of the food is excellent with creative Japanese Porcelain. The service is impeccable. We ended up paying CHF 95.- for 2 adults and 2 children. By far the most expensive restaurant we ate in Bali. But it was all worth it.

  • Address: JL Raya Sanggingan, Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia
  • Phone: +62-361-970013

Panda, Tin Hau, Hong Kong, Japanese Homestyle Curry

Have you ever had Japanese curry? I had not. But I was very pleasantly surprised at Panda‚Äôs, a mid-budget but quite stylish 15 seat restaurant in Tin Hau district. Deep Fried Tofu With CurryWe ordered deep fried scallops for starters and they were delicious. We were surprised to see our 2.5 year old daughter eat a whole scallop and ask for more. 5-star taste already… We also ordered fresh vegi sticks with dipping sauce. The curry comes in 3 versions (mild, quite hot, very hot) and they were truly delicious. We found the curry to go perfectly with deep-fried tofu.
There is also an interesting selection of teas. You choose according to the description of how these different teas affect your metabolism. Choose a lavender tea, if you have insomnia or against jet-lag, etc..
Expect to pay 60-90 HK dollars for a starter and main dish. You won’t find this restaurant in any international guide and I wrote the first review for Tripadvisor. Yeah man!

  • Address: Tung Lo Wan Road 94, Tin Hau District, Hong Kong
  • Phone: +862 2503 5888