Food Porn at Star Seafood Restaurant, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong


I sometimes read a blog ( in which food snapshots are called “food porn”. I did not quite understand it until today. I believe I did some real good food porn at the fantastic Cantonese Star Seafood Restaurant in Shatin a district in the New Territories of Hong Kong. We were invited by local Hong Kong Wing Chun martial artists and Sifu (Master) of Isabel. They drove us there, with the only mention that it was a floating restaurant. Well, in the end, it was much more than a floating restaurant. It was probably the best Cantonese food we ever had and will ever have on this round the world trip. Even the kids, who are usually not great fans (yet) of Asian food, ate their full share of the food. And we were glad to have locals ordering food for us. There were at least 5 different menu cards and many leaflets to be filled out. I tought for the moment I was sitting at a bingo table. EVERYTHING was delicious and we finally had a true traditional DIM SUM EXPERIENCE.

Useless to mention, we would never have found this restaurant.  The staff did not speak English and the menu was solely in Cantonese. Look at the gallery for what we got and enjoy the food porn!!!

Chee Kei – Causeway Bay, Hong Kong – It’s loud, it’s crowded, it’s good

It is loud, because it is crowded, because the heads carved waitresses are shouting to each other all the time who has order what and because it is simply meant to be that way in Hong Kong noodle restaurants. The food is more than noodles though, you’ve got delicious crab soups, “master green” in thick soya sauce, five types of noodles you can choose from for all noodles dishes and the services is quite friendly for this type of restaurant.
On top of it all, it is great value. A soup, noodles, side dish and tea will cost you around 50-60 HK dollars or € 5-6.-.
It is perfectly located 3 minutes walk from the best shopping mall of Causeway Bay, Times Square.

  • address: No.84 Percival Street,Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, China
  • tel: +862 2890 8616

Maxim’s Palace, Central, Hong Kong – Chinese Haute Cuisine in a beautiful Empire Style setting

Maxim's Palace

This is THE place to eat Dim Sum, we read. So we went and arrived too late. Dim Sum is served until 3:00 PM. But we did enter the restaurant nonetheless. I had not expected such a place. The setting is Empire Style, bleached white table cloths, beautiful classic Chinese porcelain and Spiegelau Cristal glasses. Enough for us to feel a wind of panic thinking about all that our two little angels could brake. But we decided to stay and in the end we had a fantastic Haute Chinese Cuisine experience and girls behaved admirably (as we told them that this place was for princes and princesses only!). The welcoming waitress was beautiful, the service “à la Française” was impeccable. We felt underdressed and I would recommend to put a shirt and a long pair of trousers. We will definitely next time we come…
Maxim's Palace 2 We can recommend ordering a whole fish, which they will steam and season to perfection. For those who like bird nests, they are very good…overall I think you can choose anything here. You will not be disappointed. It is such a different level compared to 90% of the boring sweet-sour Chinese blend you get back in Europe

  • Address: 4th floor, 1 Edinburgh Pl, City Hall, Hong Kong, China
  • Phone: +862 2521 1303