Saas-Fee: Our Easter Winter Wonderland

This is why we love to be in Saas-Fee…so much:


1. 300 days of sun. That is probably the number one reason. When you live in The Netherlands, you want to make sure of one thing when you go places.: you want to see the sun and the deep blue sky. Because there ain’t such thing up North like a deep colour…apart from deep green maybe.


2. There is ALWAYS snow and the ski-station is open all year round. How? The upper part of the resort is on a glacier. And on the top of this glacier, there is the highest turning restaurant in the world at 3500m. It has just been renovated and finally lost its 70’s groove. The food is very decent for a decent price (to Swiss standards).


3. The mountains are specatacular. There are 47 mountains over 4000m in Switzerland and there are 14 of them just around Saas-Fee. It protects the resort from changing weather…hence the 300 days of sun.


4. It is not the largest ski resort of Switzerland. Far from it. Around 100km of pistes and something like 30 lifts. But you nonetheless have it all. The easy slopes for kids and beginners, the bumpy runs, the steep runs, the wide runs for carving, the specatacular runs amidst the glaciers, the hard runs and the amazing off-piste (if you know to avoid crevaces).

5. Saas-Fee is a place with more than 100 restaurants. It prides itself of having a 1 star Michelin restaurant, The Fletschhorn. This restaurant has recently acquired a smaller restaurant on the slopes and you can enjoy gastronomic kitchen with your ski-boots on. Weird but a somehow a must-do. There are romantic restaurants like La Ferme but there are also of course plenty of Swiss traditional cusinie eateries with the expected smell of melted cheese. Nothing for dairy-allergic though.


6. We of course love Saas-Fee because that’s also where we have our chalets

…doh… Fasan & Eichhörnchen are their names. Those are super cosy little chalet 1km away from the centre and the après-ski music at the edge of a larks’ forest where squirrels and wild goats can be spotted.


7. The kids love to stay up there. Its total freedom for them, they open the door and can disappear in the fields and the forest. The resort is car free, so no danger there either.


8. We have a skate-skiing loop in front of our door. Its is a 5.5 km training course, with one lane for classic skating and one for skate-skiing. We call it our private house loop as not many people use it. My wife and I just love to exercise here. The loop goes 120m up, then flat, then throws your heart out of the chest the first time you do it. After a few work-outs, you feel stronger and it becomes a matter of who is going to beat the loop record (24:30).


9. And then, there is sledging. This is basically also a few steps from our house. A cable cars takes you up for 15min and you then have a joy ride for about 15-20min down a relatively steep course. Helmets recommended!

10. Last but not least, Saas-Fee is in Switzerland. This is where we come from. This is what we call home. And because we have enough beds (the chalets can accomodate up to 11 persons), the family is coming to visit us as well as friends. So it is a place where we celebrate and enjoy the company of those who are dear to our heart.


The Pond – Restaurant – Jalan Pengosekan, Ubud, Bali


There is about 80% chance that we end up at this restaurant, when we decide not to cook at home. It’s not only close to our house, it is sophisticated, modern Indonesian food served by the most friendly and attentive staff. The restaurant decor is classy Balinese and the lighting concept is minimalist . The view on the rice field is very relaying to the eye. The fresh made juices and herbal iced teas are the best we had so far on the Island. I asked to have a honeydew, lime and ginger juice…bliss! As for the food, we can recommend the Grilled Beef on Fresh Papaya Salad, The Crispy Duck Spring Rolls, the Black Pepper Fettucine, The mixed satay (see pic), Tom Gha Kai (spicy Thai soup). You can of course get the usual Nasi or Mie Goreng.018

It is up market, but prices are still reasonable for what you get. Many other restaurants ask a lot of money for average food and service. The Pond is definitely not one of them.

  • Food: ****
  • Drinks: ***** (juices)
  • Freshness *****
  • Value: ***

Minami – Japanese Restaurant – Ubud, Bali


My subconscious registered this name while browsing on When we saw the restaurant, I suggested to get in and the first highlight IS to get inside. A wonderfully airy, peaceful, cream-white atmosphere immediately surrounds you. The designer of the restaurant, the mother of the owner, choose consciously not to optimise the place with as many seating as possible, but made the restaurant in such a way that everybody had got privacy and space to fully concentrate on the food. The food itself is probably the best Japanese food I ever had. There is a Menu Degustation for 180’000 IDR (or 20.- CHF) that I totally recommend. The presentation of the food is excellent with creative Japanese Porcelain. The service is impeccable. We ended up paying CHF 95.- for 2 adults and 2 children. By far the most expensive restaurant we ate in Bali. But it was all worth it.

  • Address: JL Raya Sanggingan, Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia
  • Phone: +62-361-970013

Food Porn at Star Seafood Restaurant, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong


I sometimes read a blog ( in which food snapshots are called “food porn”. I did not quite understand it until today. I believe I did some real good food porn at the fantastic Cantonese Star Seafood Restaurant in Shatin a district in the New Territories of Hong Kong. We were invited by local Hong Kong Wing Chun martial artists and Sifu (Master) of Isabel. They drove us there, with the only mention that it was a floating restaurant. Well, in the end, it was much more than a floating restaurant. It was probably the best Cantonese food we ever had and will ever have on this round the world trip. Even the kids, who are usually not great fans (yet) of Asian food, ate their full share of the food. And we were glad to have locals ordering food for us. There were at least 5 different menu cards and many leaflets to be filled out. I tought for the moment I was sitting at a bingo table. EVERYTHING was delicious and we finally had a true traditional DIM SUM EXPERIENCE.

Useless to mention, we would never have found this restaurant.  The staff did not speak English and the menu was solely in Cantonese. Look at the gallery for what we got and enjoy the food porn!!!

Chee Kei – Causeway Bay, Hong Kong – It’s loud, it’s crowded, it’s good

It is loud, because it is crowded, because the heads carved waitresses are shouting to each other all the time who has order what and because it is simply meant to be that way in Hong Kong noodle restaurants. The food is more than noodles though, you’ve got delicious crab soups, “master green” in thick soya sauce, five types of noodles you can choose from for all noodles dishes and the services is quite friendly for this type of restaurant.
On top of it all, it is great value. A soup, noodles, side dish and tea will cost you around 50-60 HK dollars or € 5-6.-.
It is perfectly located 3 minutes walk from the best shopping mall of Causeway Bay, Times Square.

  • address: No.84 Percival Street,Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, China
  • tel: +862 2890 8616

Yummy Vietnamese Restaurant – Fresh Spring rolls are a delight…just the way Tim likes them!

Yummy Vietnamese

This is so far our favorite in Hong Kong, maybe it’s only because they serve our favorite food…This small casual restaurant on the 9th Floor of Canton Road 85 has everything to please. Great value for money, kind of trendy underdog and the food is fresh, tasty and truly Vietnamese as I know it. I would not recommend the curries as other cuisines may do it better and stick to the classic Vietnamese dishes like Nans, Fresh Spring Roll (veg and meat), all the pho’s. I like the fact they serve French beer, it somehow fits. Our two kids like the fresh coconut and the deep fried spring rolls. I recommend to all that have a busy shopping day behind and do not want to spend another bucket of money in the Harbour City Mall for a meal

  • Address: 82-84 Canton Rd | Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, China
  • Tel: +862 3520 4343

Maxim’s Palace, Central, Hong Kong – Chinese Haute Cuisine in a beautiful Empire Style setting

Maxim's Palace

This is THE place to eat Dim Sum, we read. So we went and arrived too late. Dim Sum is served until 3:00 PM. But we did enter the restaurant nonetheless. I had not expected such a place. The setting is Empire Style, bleached white table cloths, beautiful classic Chinese porcelain and Spiegelau Cristal glasses. Enough for us to feel a wind of panic thinking about all that our two little angels could brake. But we decided to stay and in the end we had a fantastic Haute Chinese Cuisine experience and girls behaved admirably (as we told them that this place was for princes and princesses only!). The welcoming waitress was beautiful, the service “à la Française” was impeccable. We felt underdressed and I would recommend to put a shirt and a long pair of trousers. We will definitely next time we come…
Maxim's Palace 2 We can recommend ordering a whole fish, which they will steam and season to perfection. For those who like bird nests, they are very good…overall I think you can choose anything here. You will not be disappointed. It is such a different level compared to 90% of the boring sweet-sour Chinese blend you get back in Europe

  • Address: 4th floor, 1 Edinburgh Pl, City Hall, Hong Kong, China
  • Phone: +862 2521 1303

Panda, Tin Hau, Hong Kong, Japanese Homestyle Curry

Have you ever had Japanese curry? I had not. But I was very pleasantly surprised at Panda’s, a mid-budget but quite stylish 15 seat restaurant in Tin Hau district. Deep Fried Tofu With CurryWe ordered deep fried scallops for starters and they were delicious. We were surprised to see our 2.5 year old daughter eat a whole scallop and ask for more. 5-star taste already… We also ordered fresh vegi sticks with dipping sauce. The curry comes in 3 versions (mild, quite hot, very hot) and they were truly delicious. We found the curry to go perfectly with deep-fried tofu.
There is also an interesting selection of teas. You choose according to the description of how these different teas affect your metabolism. Choose a lavender tea, if you have insomnia or against jet-lag, etc..
Expect to pay 60-90 HK dollars for a starter and main dish. You won’t find this restaurant in any international guide and I wrote the first review for Tripadvisor. Yeah man!

  • Address: Tung Lo Wan Road 94, Tin Hau District, Hong Kong
  • Phone: +862 2503 5888