2seventy does not only refer to me born in February 1970, it is also about a non-rounded view on Sports, Family Life, Travels and Food (..and a bit of culture)

edward-hopper-gas-stationIt is not by coincidence that I customized the header with a painting of Edward Hopper. Next to Gerhard Richter, he is my favorite painting artist. I enjoy the sun bathing effects that makes me feel warm and cosy when looking at many of his paintings. This particular painting symbolizes for me an adventurous life and an horizon open-wide. It suggests freedom of thoughts, freedom of movement (limited by weather conditions). I like the peaceful atmosphere, those gentle waves and the vanishing trails of other boats in the distant sea. The young people symbolize as well (outdoor) activity, strength, appreciation, friendship and satisfaction.


One thought on “About”

  1. Hi old buddy.
    In my own turf and backyard without telling me??? Just spent some time in NZ lately (John is from the south island) and we are often in Wanaka for skiing with the kids ourselves… It’s beautiful I know. Si d’aventures vos peregrinations vous ramenent de l’autre cote de la mer de Tasman (sydney) n’oubliez pas de nous contacter cette fois-ci, vous etes les bienvenus a la maison, il y a de la place. As to your age, well we are all on the same slippery slope, and some of us are ahead.
    Love to all. Katia, John, Zazou et Sami

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