8 days before Ironman Western Australia – The travelling and the training are done

On the sport side of life, I was able to close the training phase in an ideal way. NO injuries, NO pain, NO health issue. I have around 8000km under the belt over the last 6 months. Around 5900km on the bike, 2000km on the run and only about 100km on the swim. I dropped consciously the ball on swim training to improve my biking. I may regret this, after 2km choppy waters, but this was a trade-off I needed to do in order to have a chance to achieve my objective: race that thing under 11 hours.

8 days before the start of the Ironman means tapering mode. The hard piece is behind me, now is time to relax and enjoy the ride. My working colleagues will think otherwise, but I was able to close heaps of stuff before going, so my head is free from that point of view, the visa story is over…basically no worries…mate

During the flight I watched 5 movies and drank a delicious Singapore Sling (my only aloholic treat before the race) next to hectoliters of water to minimize jetlag. I wonder whether they had to jetison some of it on the way…Oh, did I mention that we flew Singapore Air. There is simply no short haul Business flight in Europe that beats the standard of the Economy class of this airline. The kids loved it, we loved it. ALL HAPPY.


Author: 2seventy

2seventy is not only about me being born in February 1970 but also about 270 degree view of my life in opposition to rounded 360 degree view.

One thought on “8 days before Ironman Western Australia – The travelling and the training are done”

  1. Glad to hear you sorted out the visa issue and made it in one piece to Australia. It sounds like you’re in perfect condition for a sub-11 hour race. The work is done and now you can enjoy the feeling of all that fitness soaking in. Remember to race your own race. Pace is king. I’ll be tracking from this end. Enjoy the taper!


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