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Ski-Yoga Asana

Here are some pose you need to do in the middle of your skiing day to prevent injuries….This is officially a new sports now. Its called Skyoga Flow.






Start in Skickon Asana






Followed by a Warrior II, Virabootasana






Reverse your Virabootasana to better enjoy the sky (hence skyoga) before ending the flow with a nice inversion on your helmet.






The crowning of you skyoga.

Overall a great week of training in Saas-Fee, CH. with some running, indoor swimming, skiing, skate-skiing, ice-skating and skyoging…. all of it between 1800m and 3600m of altitude. I am ready to get back at sea level on Saturday and kick ass for my 32km Sunday run!


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Ski Week-End in Saas-Fee with friends, Feb 2012.

Training is good, cross-training is better, but moving away from training and enjoy the outdoor on top of  it all is best. I never took training too seriously, I never followed a plan too strictly and I never calculated the risk of having fun that could jeopardize the big “race goal of the year”. I think the day I would do that, I would just know that there is no fun in training anymore.

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Today was for me my first “real” day of training. Today is the day I set as the start of the 2012 Season. We are spending a week in Saas-Fee with the family of my brother in law and I hope to integrate a few altitude work-outs next to skiing and sledging. I managed today to run 16km at minus 22C at nearly 2000m, followed a couple of hours later by a 8km skate-skiing course together with my brother in law.

I feel too heavy, but the cardio and the legs are supporting me very well even at this altitude. I don’t think I have ever been so fit at this period of the year. Hope everything goes as planned and no elderly lady plots to crash into me with an old Toyota Carina or something like this. While this accident in 2009 was probably the greatest gift I have ever survived, I hope not to get this kind of present again.

Here some impression of my “first” training day around Saas-Fee in Switzerland.

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Race Schedule 2012

I have now finalized my race schedule in preparation to the big event in December 2012. I felt I needed quite a couple of milestone as just aiming for a race in December seemed way to far. There is a lot of races I would like to attend this year. I like racing, not because it is for me the best form of training, but I like everything around it. The meticulous preparation, the concentration before the race, the fact that I met people from the same species, etc..

Realistically though, I will only be managing to attend half of them. I therefore rated the likelihood and plan to attend at least the ones I put 3 stars. All the others are B plans. I don’t know what will happen this year, but it is very likely that our daughters will be sick on one week-end, a wedding invitation will snow in, etc…

Anyway, most of the race I within 2 hours drive from home apart from a few, so it is quite flexible in this aspect.

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