I have now turned 40.

The wrinkles are visible…everywhere by the corners of the eyes, on the forehead, on both cheeks. The muscle tension of the eyebrows is not what it used to be, the teeth have lost their edges and their white gloss (I should try bleaching one of these days). The stitches on the forehead and eyebrow are also signs of time. I am lucky that my hair have not parted from my head or have not turned white yet, (hang-in there, boys!), but I guess this is not going to last forever either…

Looking at this picture, I am nonetheless grateful to be here writing this post. Since yesterday, I am pain-free. I was in such a state at the realisation of this fact. It has been a long time since I woke up pain free (See the “Pain Free Days” post written in April last year). I have Isabel, I have Manon & I have Zoé everyday around me. I feel good mentally and I feel strong again physically. I have learnt a lot last year and the years before and I cannot remember a year that has started better than this one.

I have turned 40 and it is a reason to celebrate. I have decided to go to Glenorchy, close to Queenstown, to celebrate with my family. No matter how stupid that sounds, a day to remember how beautiful life is and how lucky I am.


Author: 2seventy

2seventy is not only about me being born in February 1970 but also about 270 degree view of my life in opposition to rounded 360 degree view.

3 thoughts on “I have now turned 40.”

  1. Alain,
    Just running through my old e-mails and found your link…. spent the last few minutes feeling envious at all the great places you’ve been to recently…. most of them we went to when our girls were about same age, Bali, S’pore, Noosa, Queenstown. You sound like you’re all having a fantastic time. ASPCT’s still running well…. but probably a distant memory. Great Blog… keep it going, you’ll inspire others to maybe do same, it’s what life’s about. Cheers

  2. Hi Alain

    You really touched my heart with your post about turning 40. Your note is pure and honest and you really seem to be at peace with yourself, just beautiful.
    Well well, I will turn 40 in November and yup, the wrinkles are there and I spotted my first gray hairs a few month ago!
    Anyway, we’re looking forward to a wonderful time on the Big Island with all of you!
    Love, Helen

  3. Hi old buddy.
    on my own turf and backyard without telling me??? Just spent some time in NZ lately (John is from the south island) and we are often in Wanaka for skiing with the kids ourselves… It’s beautiful I know. Si d’aventures vos peregrinations vous ramenent de l’autre cote de la mer de Tasman (sydney) n’oubliez pas de nous contacter cette fois-ci, vous etes les bienvenus a la maison (Coogee – au sud de Bondi), il y a de la place. As to your age, well we are all on the same slippery slope, and some of us are ahead.
    Love to all. Katia, John, Zazou et Sami

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