Chee Kei – Causeway Bay, Hong Kong – It’s loud, it’s crowded, it’s good

It is loud, because it is crowded, because the heads carved waitresses are shouting to each other all the time who has order what and because it is simply meant to be that way in Hong Kong noodle restaurants. The food is more than noodles though, you’ve got delicious crab soups, “master green” in thick soya sauce, five types of noodles you can choose from for all noodles dishes and the services is quite friendly for this type of restaurant.
On top of it all, it is great value. A soup, noodles, side dish and tea will cost you around 50-60 HK dollars or € 5-6.-.
It is perfectly located 3 minutes walk from the best shopping mall of Causeway Bay, Times Square.

  • address: No.84 Percival Street,Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, China
  • tel: +862 2890 8616

Author: 2seventy

2seventy is not only about me being born in February 1970 but also about 270 degree view of my life in opposition to rounded 360 degree view.

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