In Bed With The New Garmin 310XT

garmin_cf-lgOne may wonder why I just received this beautiful piece of technology for triathlon training, while my knee is still in a brace blocked at a 40 degree angle. Well, I pre-ordered this little gem on the 8th of May (Red Cross Day…I should have thought better of it), exactly 1 month before the bike accident. I was so fed up with the unreliability of the dozen pieces of POLAR equipment you need to stick on your body and bike to hope getting some training analysis uploaded on your PC in the end.

Training with Polar requires a watch, a separate GPS mounted on the arm, a heart sensor, a footpod, a speed sensor, a cadence sensor & an infrared USB stick…not to mention that all of them need those little costly round flat batteries that need changing every 3 months. And it will only work for running and biking. Forget about swimming and most other sports.

I just love this new Garmin Watch. Mind you, you also need a heart sensor and a USB stick, but that’s it. And its good for all sports. It even works when crawling in open water! MY wife tested it this morning and even she was amazed by this piece of technology and the degree of integration with the on-line analysis softare “Garmin Connect”. You go out, th watch locates satellites in a whizz and you just need to press start. That’s it. I also did a test in the garden: Crutch-Walking for 3 min – avg pace 19min/km!

This watch is such a hit! I am going to check Garmin Share Price now…

Author: 2seventy

2seventy is not only about me being born in February 1970 but also about 270 degree view of my life in opposition to rounded 360 degree view.

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