Bike Accident in Zeiselmauer (Tulln)

023I have neglected my blog for about a month now. It is mainly because my laptop and I decided to break down at the same time. On the 1st of June my Sony VAIO refused to answer to the power ON button and 1 week later a driver decided to mingle with my future plans by hitting me with his car while I was riding my bike. The accident happened on June 8th at 10h45 in Zeiselmauer a small village 40km away from Vienna.  I originally wanted to take a hilly road, but because of the time of the day I decided to avoid the traffic and take the cycling road alond the Danube. Unfortunately after 30km the road was closed due to roadworks and I had to go on the national road. That’s when the crash happened.  My knee hits the grill of the car. Both Bike and myself are fortunately projected away from the car my head hits the road hard. My Specialized Eye-wear enters like a cookie cutter in my eyebrow and nose. I loose orientation, concentrate on the breathing. I put myself in safety position and start screaming until the pain somehow recedes. I am laying on the street not knowing whether I am safe or not. I suddenly hear someone calling emergency and I feel reassured that I am well taken care of. The first emotion is anger against the driver. I cannot believe that my start at the Switzerland Ironman is being written off in this instant. I cannot believe what just happened to me. Then comes despair. I get quiet, start to localise the pain. I know that my left leg is injured and that the knee feels blocked. I hope at that moment that these are only multiple contusions and superficial wounds.

The ambulance comes after 20 minutes. The crew seems to be fast, efficient and professional. A few questions are asked, preliminary checks are made, infusion inserted with a heavy pain killer. The helm is taken off and replaced by a neck stabiliser. I am transported to the closest regional hospital: the Landesklinikum Donauregion Tulln.

The tests are very thorough I get x-ray-ed from all angles, I see half a dozen of doctors and nurse that either ask me something or inject me something. In the middle of all checks comes a policeman who asks me to blow in a rubber tube. Alcohol test. The test is negative. Powerbar Isotonic drinks do not contain alcohol.

The problem is that after 4hours of checks, no one tells me what is my status and what is the diagnostic. The funny part of it is that it is the person who pushes the beds, who tells me that I have a serious fracture of the upper chin bone and knee injurees. I get jiggy and ask to see the doctor. I see him in the room where casts are prepared. While the team is preparing the bandages for the cast, he tells me what has been diagnosed and that I need to be operated in the coming days. I am shocked by the abrupt news.

I decided at this moment to be transferred to a private clinic in Vienna, which is close to home. I also ask to get a phone to call my wife. She and my daughters come at the end of the day visibly troubled by what had happened.

Author: 2seventy

2seventy is not only about me being born in February 1970 but also about 270 degree view of my life in opposition to rounded 360 degree view.

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