Taper Time Before Ferrara Marathon

ferrara marathon 2009

Sunday, will be my first marathon since New-York ING in 2004. The Ferrara Marathon is scheduled very early in the year and fits perfectly my preparation schedule for the Switzerland Ironman on July 12th in Zurich.  It is not only scheduled early it is also perfectly flat and has only around a 1’000 participants. I am looking forward to a hassle free run, even if this means very few spectators on the side of the road.

I do not feel particularly well prepared. I got the flue a week ago and have only done a few long runs. Bottom line, I will go there and see what I can do. I am sure to take a lot of learning from the race.

My last long run was on Sunday. 26 km or 60% of the actual distance. I still feel the training in the legs but I am sure to recover until then.


Author: 2seventy

2seventy is not only about me being born in February 1970 but also about 270 degree view of my life in opposition to rounded 360 degree view.

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